Personal arrangements

Nothing we offer is standard. That is the charm of De Jufferen Lunsingh. We are happy to accommodate you with a custom programme. Consider, for instance, spending time in the kitchen under the supervision of our head cook – a perfect opportunity for team building.
Or how about gathering mushrooms in Tonckens Wood with owner Wyncko Tonckens? Another possibility is tasting exquisite wines at the end of the day in our well stocked wine cellar – a great opportunity to select a bottle to accompany your meal!




De Jufferen Lunsingh is slightly more than a quarter-hour drive from Assen and less than half an hour from Groningen and Heerenveen. Westervelde lies in a hidden corner of Drenthe, right in the middle of nowhere, and that's one of its greatest charms. Peace and quiet are found here in abundance. It's the ideal place for companies, organisations and government officials to meet each other and exchange ideas.
De Jufferen Lunsingh offers three meeting rooms. We can provide flip charts, a projection screen or a television as required.

Large Room

The Large Room is suitable for groups of up to 25 people. Perfect for holding meetings, readings and classes or giving product presentations.

- Half day: 105
- Two half days: 170

Small Room

Our cosy Small Room is ideal for smaller groups of around eight people. This comfortable space provides the perfect environment for brainstorming sessions, negotiations or just to get everyone paddling in the same direction.

- Half day: 50
- Two half days: 90

Garden Retreat

The Garden Retreat can accommodate groups of up to ten people. It is a separate small building nestled away among the trees outside De Jufferen Lunsingh. Naturally it offers all the same comfort and charm we are known for. There is a gas heater to maintain a comfortable temperature, the interior has been furnished and decorated with care and there is a veranda where you can enjoy the fresh air. Coffee and tea will be brought to the Garden Retreat, and you are welcome to as much as you like, as always. Lunch and dinner are served in the restaurant.

- Half day: 105
- Two half days: 170

The prices do not include coffee, tea, cake or ‘koek’ (Dutch gingerbread cake), snacks and drinks, lunch or dinner. For a full day you pay 10 p.p. (for a group up to 9 people) for unlimited coffee, tea, water, cake and biscuits. For a group of 10 or more the price is 9 per person.
For a half day you pay 6 and 5 p.p. respectively for unlimited coffee, tea, water, cake and biscuits.
Please see the restaurant page for lunch prices.

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