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De Jufferen Lunsingh is surrounded by hundreds of acres of natural beauty – the perfect starting point for hiking or cycling. We have laid out our own routes, but there are also well-established ANWB (Dutch auto club) routes and long-distance footpaths such as the Drenthepad literally running through our backyard.

The Jufferen Trail

Our own walking trail is an enchanting 20 km route, one of the highlights of which is the Fochteloërveen (a peat bog nature reserve). There is also a shorter route that will give you a good glimpse of life in the Drenthe countryside. This journey takes you through the woods, along a stream valley, over ancient raised fields and past a prehistoric burial mound site. The route brings you back to the hotel in around 2.5 to 3 hours.

Knapsack lunch

If you plan to be away all day you can take a knapsack lunch with you. For 16 (two people) you have a couple of tasty sandwiches, fruit, drinks and snacks. Everything is packed in a handy knapsack.

Bicycle hire

Those who prefer a bike ride can rent bicycles at the hotel. We also have special Kronan bicycles with picnic baskets, which you can use if you intend to stay away all day.

Picnic basket

What could be better than following breakfast with a bicycle ride to a heavenly we'll-stay-here-the-rest-of-the-day spot and having a gourmet picnic? You order a packed picnic lunch from us beforehand, and the basket we provide fits perfectly on our special Kronan bicycles. At your picnic spot you enjoy a Burgundian lunch, including a cold white wine or rosé. Complete with picnic blanket and place settings (27.50 p.p., or 23.50 p.p. in combination with a hotel package).

If you have something special to celebrate, order a champagne basket, with smoked salmon as an added delicacy (37.50 p.p., or 33.50 p.p. in combination with a hotel package).

Guided deer walk

Before enjoying a delicious dinner, work up an appetite during a walk in the woods around De Jufferen Lunsingh with owner Wyncko Tonckens who will guide you to the favourite spots of the many deer who graze here. The walk starts about an hour before dusk. Only by prior arrangement, in the months of November through February, from Monday to Thursday. Be sure to bring good walking shoes!

Ask us about other possibilities for guided walks in the area too. To do so, please contact De Jufferen Lunsingh.

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